Facebook Ads Tips: Setting up your business manager!

Copy of Biz Manager Pinterest.png

Do you see that title and get sweaty palms? Or do you read it and say to yourself 'What the heck is that?!' 

You are not alone. 

Don't let me fool you. I may be the one doing the how-to's now, but I too had a panic attack when I thought I'd lost my business Facebook page. Definitely thought it had traveled into the internet abyss never to be found. But, I came to find out that it was just in a different spot AND it was meant to keep my personal and business life separate. Why thanks for thinking of me Facebook! Learn more about what Facebook has to say about Business Manager here.

So let's get to the good stuff. 

Let's start the basics: THE SETUP

Step 1: Create your business manager

Click here to open the golden ticket to happiness (or least where you won't staring at your business 24-7.) Follow the prompts to create your account.

Click the create account button in the top right corner.